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Reflecting on 20 years of fishing & Wonboyn Report

Like many anglers, my first taste of fishing was with the ‘old man’, my dad.   I still have very fond memories of catching slimy mackerel off the breakwall at Moruya Airport on the NSW south coast.  The locals weren’t impressed, for some reason”Slimies” were only considered good for one thing … bait.  Of course, not everyone agrees with that sentiment. …

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Wonboyn (mis)adventures

If you live in Canberra, Monday the 12th was Canberra Day. If you live in Victoria it was Labour Day. If you live anywhere else, I’m afraid it was just plain Monday. While this small blessing of living in the nation’s capital made me happy, apparently it did little for the fishing gods… I spent the Canberra Day long weekend…

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