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Advanced Mullet fishing techniques ;)

We (Hamish and Lee) are going to start a series on posts on catching bread and butter species for beginners, with hopefully enough know how to also be useful for more experienced fishermen. So to start things off we are going to begin with the most humble of estuary species. The Mullet. I’m sure most fishermen can remember cutting their teeth on this…

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Wallaga weekend

It was a weekend of contrasts, in terms of the fishing, but I guess that’s often the case. It’s an important lesson too: out of every five sessions, you might have one good one. What many people don’t seem to realise is that you can quickly churn through the dud ones. This is essentially what I did this weekend. Here I…

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Live blogging Eden… March 4-6th

Well our next serious trip is planned for early March… The plan will be to chase Kingfish off Mowarry and Greencape, as well as hitting up the local estuaries… My goals for the trip are to catch mullet on bread flies using a tenkara fly outfit and to crack the metre mark on the kings, preferably on a light plastics…

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