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Eating ‘trash’ fish – mullet, slimy mackerel, yellowtail, leatherjacket and salmon

Countless times I’ve been walking along a bridge or wharf, checking out what people are catching, and seen them throwing back so-called ‘trash’ fish, in the hope of catching a bream, snapper, flathead or other such ‘desirable’ species. The fish that find their way back are often the slimy mackerel, yellowtail scad (yakkas), leatherjacket, mullet and salmon. While I love…

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Not just for kids and brits- Advanced Slimy Mackerel fishing techniques

Slimy mackerel are a favourite food fish and recreational target in many places such as England, Spain and Japan. However, here they aren’t held in such high esteem and targeting them is mainly the realm of kids and fishermen chasing live bait to tempt more charismatic fish that view slimies as tasty lollipops. So following on from advanced Mullet fishing…

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