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Guest post: What to Expect Fly Fishing in Alaska: It Isn’t Australia, But That’s OK

It might seem like we’re pretty far north of Australia. Flip that over, and it looks like Australia sets pretty far south of Alaska. Still, we have a lot in common stretching across those 7,400 miles. Both our homes give way to incredible backcountry, and fly fishermen all over the globe daydream about a chance to cast into our waters.…

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The little things

As I get older, I feel like life is getting busier. I think this is a feeling shared by many. I’m not sure entirely why it happens; is it manufactured or real? Nonetheless, there seems to be less time for fishing. The good thing about it is that I’m starting to appreciate being in the great outdoors more than ever.…

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Off the beaten track

 A guest post by Jack van Delft of, who has just moved back to Canada after 16 years in Aus. You can follow Jack’s adventures over at his facebook and instagram pages.  I’ve been away from Canada for 16yrs. Australia has been good to me from 10lb. brown trout on the Eucumbene river to Mac tuna on Fraser Island. Our…

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The Natural Trout Stream Paradox

The paragraph below appeared in my email inbox recently, advertising a fishing film festival. “Gin-Clear Media’s Backcountry: South Island is the feature film of the festival. The South Island [of New Zealand] has vast tracts of some of the most intact, undisturbed natural areas left on our planet—these last truly wild places deliver beauty and isolation in spades but it…

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Eating ‘trash’ fish – mullet, slimy mackerel, yellowtail, leatherjacket and salmon

Countless times I’ve been walking along a bridge or wharf, checking out what people are catching, and seen them throwing back so-called ‘trash’ fish, in the hope of catching a bream, snapper, flathead or other such ‘desirable’ species. The fish that find their way back are often the slimy mackerel, yellowtail scad (yakkas), leatherjacket, mullet and salmon. While I love…

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Fishing stories

Winter is coming

Winter is approaching. Hatches, willingly rising trout and wet wading are fading memories. The rivers close in a week or two to give the trout some space while they get frisky. The estuaries are probably still fishing well (if only I had been fishing them a little more regularly), but will slow down soon. The kingfish bite will slow up…

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