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Hitting the ‘bong

It’s the dry season. The tidal rivers have shut down due to low water temps and the blue water is subject to the relentless south easterlies that blow hard enough to wash mud crabs up the beach. The billabongs are one of the only options left and luckily we have plenty to choose from. Hitting the ‘bongs is a seasonal…

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Crocs! High fives and hisses

Its been a croc filled fortnight. Here’s a selection of pics, stories and science from my recent enounters with these modern dinosaurs. First to Cahills Crossing on the East Alligator River in Kakadu where we discovered a new call sign, mullet were mauled and we made a quick exit when we were hissed at by a techno croc. The next encounter occurred on a section of the…

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Chemical bromance

A great spot during the day can turn into nightmare stuff when the hordes of blood sucking insects search out potential victims with little regard to the toxic cocktail of ‘repellents’ we apply. I have a theory that the biteys get a buzz from licking toxic, plastic melting insect repellent off your body (kinda like an entrée) before they tuck into the main…

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