It’s the vibe of the thing – Bream on vibes

One of the most famous scenes from the classic Australian movie ‘the Castle’ is the courtroom scene. A small town lawyer tries to stop an aussie family’s house from being re-possessed by the nearby airport. He constructs his case around ‘the vibe of the thing’ and a tenuous link to Mabo (a famous native land title case for indigenous Australians).…

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Fishing the great south-east corner: Tamboon, Mallacoota and Wonboyn

Australia truly is an amazing place. You can drive three hours from the nation’s capital and feel like you’ve found true isolation. Windswept coastlines, pristine wilderness and abundant wildlife are just some of the reasons I keep fishing in this part of the world. I was recently lucky enough to spend three nights camping between Tamboon Inlet and Wonboyn Lake.…

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Kayak fishing for Mulloway

In recent years the phenomenon of Kayak fishing has hit Australia like a GT all over a roosta popper. Everywhere from the pristine, quiet alpine lakes of New South Wales, Tasmania and Victoria to the open blue water around our coastlines, kayaks are becoming a viable option for almost every kind of fishing imaginable. Some are drawn to the sport…

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