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Why Mulloway fishermen should care about freshwater inflows.

I’ve written before about how important great habitat is if we want great fisheries. I strongly believe that as fishers, being custodians for the environments we spend so much time enjoying is vital. One area that is sometimes overlooked is the importance of freshwater inflows for the health and vitality of our estuary fisheries. This is especially important on regulated…

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Kayak fishing for Mulloway

In recent years the phenomenon of Kayak fishing has hit Australia like a GT all over a roosta popper. Everywhere from the pristine, quiet alpine lakes of New South Wales, Tasmania and Victoria to the open blue water around our coastlines, kayaks are becoming a viable option for almost every kind of fishing imaginable. Some are drawn to the sport…

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Catching a mulloway: Lee walks you through all his trips, all the heartache and hopefully to success

Recently, I was browsing through a little alternative bookstore in Canberra and a book caught my eye. Titled ‘Shadowing the Ghost of the¬†Estuary: My quest to catch mulloway on lures and how they have messed with my head’, I just had to have it (an upcoming blog will have a full book review). The title encapsulates the enigma of this…

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