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Who or what is Iki jime? A quick and humane way to dispatch fish

Have you been into a Japanese restaurant and noticed the incredible attention to detail that goes into each dish? Perfect bite-sized sushi rolls filled with vegetables and salmon. Small rectangles of rice with a piece of raw tuna delicately draped on top.  This level of attention and care extends well beyond the presentation however.  It includes how the fish is…

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Iki jime aka spiking a good online guide… Humanely killing your catch

Good video and explanation of iki jime or spiking fish… As covered in how to kill and care for your catch post, the most humane method to dispatch fish… Great thing about the website is it has photos of where the fishes brain is located in different commonly caught salt and freshwater species, so no excuses 🙂 start spiking, your…

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