Poor Man’s Quad #1 Finished!

I finally got around to finishing my first PMQ (poor man’s quad). We’ve done a few earlier posts on the building process, so I just wanted to share a few quick lessons learnt from the process. 1. Use quality bamboo (Tonkin cane). If you’re going to invest the time and effort, you might as well use decent materials. I started…

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Aitutaki Bonefish blues

Note: disaster struck once arriving back in Oz. A computer crash somehow managed to delete the 300 or so fishing shots I had from Aitutaki. So, this post, which was going to be fish pic heavy is now filled with “lifestyle” pics instead. Sorry  We arrived on Aitutaki on a Sunday. Aitutaki is a pretty religious island and on Sundays…

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App review – Flylife flies

Just a quick post to review a free app, ‘Flylife Flies’. Released by the well-respected flylife magazine group, the app is available for free download through the app store. I downloaded the app expecting fly tying recipes, but the app is basically a game where you have to name the fly that appears on the screen. Despite being a bit…

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Trying to re-find my fishing mojo- a tale of woe and misery

Its official. I’ve lost my fishing mojo. Its gone and I need to get it back… Fishing, is ultimately a game of confidence. When things click, your calm confident and  can seem to catch fish, even when everybody else is drawing a blank… But then all of a sudden you lose it, you start second guessing yourself and things just,…

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Advanced Mullet fishing techniques ;)

We (Hamish and Lee) are going to start a series on posts on catching bread and butter species for beginners, with hopefully enough know how to also be useful for more experienced fishermen. So to start things off we are going to begin with the most humble of estuary species. The Mullet. I’m sure most fishermen can remember cutting their teeth on this…

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