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Simple flies: palmered hackle flies

Sometimes you don’t need much to make a deadly fly. Simple patterns catch fish. Some of the simplest flies (at least in theory) are palmered hackle flies. Whether they are fished dry or wet, on a dead drift or stripped, palmered hackle flies work. These flies have been around since the inception of fly fishing. Charles Cotton and Izaac Walton…

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Beginners mistakes: fantasy tying….

I am sure its a stage many new fly tiers go through… The imagination runs wild, new fantastical, weird, ugly and downright strange patterns fly off the vice one after the other. No two flies alike, the unconstrained imagination of the newly minted artist, excited at the world of possibilities now open to them. As time goes by, this revelry…

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Fly tying for beginners

I seem to have a habit of forming hobbies quickly and with gusto. For example, I recently decided I wanted to make a coffee table, so acquired some beautiful ironbark and an electric plane and off I went. A fleeting passion? Perhaps (coffee table aint finished). But more recently, after spending some time with fellow blogger and new flyfishing convert…

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