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What is the future of the Howqua river?

I spent last weekend camping on the Howqua river at Sheepyards flat. It wasn’t a fishing trip. It was a camping, hanging by the river, hanging out with the kids, making new friends trip. The days were filled with swimming, throwing stones into the river, watching horses, grilling meats over an open fire, drinking cold mid-strength beer during the day…

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Fishing pocket waters

As water cascades over rocks and boulders, dozens of little, almost separate pools lay before you. They vary in size. Some are no bigger than a kitchen sink, some bathtub sized, some the size of a blow up swimming pool. Each one if different. Water cascades into some, forming a mini water fall at the head of the pool. In others…

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Admissions, frustrations and revelations of a fly-fishing noob

It is a stunningly glorious day in north-east Victoria. There’s no wind, it’s 20 degrees and sunny, but crisp in the shadows. The autumn leaves are turning and it’s the weekend. What could be better? Hamish and I have decided to fish a small stream near Harrietville, in north-east Victoria. Bursting out of the car with excitement, I am setting…

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Fishing stories, Fly & Tenkara, Freshwater, Stuff we've learnt, Trout

The importance of stealth- Melbourne trip report with musings.

A few weekends ago me and Nick spent an afternoon fishing a clear, low, pocket water creek. The Low gin clear water made the fish incredibly spooky. Spotting fish was pretty much impossible given the boulders and rocks that dotted the stream bed. It would be very easy to fish that little creek for an afternoon and not see any…

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