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Admissions, frustrations and revelations of a fly-fishing noob

It is a stunningly glorious day in north-east Victoria. There’s no wind, it’s 20 degrees and sunny, but crisp in the shadows. The autumn leaves are turning and it’s the weekend. What could be better? Hamish and I have decided to fish a small stream near Harrietville, in north-east Victoria. Bursting out of the car with excitement, I am setting…

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Fishing stories, Fly & Tenkara, Stuff we've learnt, Think like a fish- fishing techniques

“Vary it up”- musings on fishing dogmas

Inspired by this great gink and gasoline post, I decided to write a short little entry on fishing dogmas in general. Firstly fishing dogmas are usually dogmas for a reason, that is they generally work “most” of the time. They provide an easy to remember short hand of what to do in certain situations. Individually, as we become better anglers,…

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Like father, like son

Has fishing changed in a generation? 1958 An 11 year old boy took his turn casting into the melee.  He was fishing the mouth of the Waitara River in New Plymouth, New Zealand. It was a sunny Sunday afternoon, 1958.  Men and boys of all ages were lined up shoulder to shoulder along the sand casting metal lures or ‘slices’…

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