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Why Mulloway fishermen should care about freshwater inflows.

I’ve written before about how important great habitat is if we want great fisheries. I strongly believe that as fishers, being custodians for the environments we spend so much time enjoying is vital. One area that is sometimes overlooked is the importance of freshwater inflows for the health and vitality of our estuary fisheries. This is especially important on regulated…

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Mythical monsters; dusky flathead over a metre

Metre long flathead. Alongside catching a Mulloway, they are the holy grail, the pinnacle of sports fishing on light gear in our estuaries.  They might not be as difficult to tempt as bream in sparkling clear water, but nothing else can compare with the sheer size and prehistoric features, especially the enormous head and mouth, of a big crocodile. After…

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Fishing estuaries more effectively: tides

The principle is simple and the same around the globe. On beaches, rivers, estuaries and oceans. Find the bait/food and you will find the fish. In all those environments, structure plays and important role in helping you the angler achieve that. Be it a pinnacle that catches the current and concentrates baitfish, a rock bar, a snag that provides cover…

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