Rethinking trout and Australian native fish

An ongoing topic of discussion in fishing circles, at least around the south-eastern Australian region, is the trout vs natives debate. It’s been raging for years — some might even say centuries — so we thought it about time to chip in and throw the proverbial two cents into the fray. Trout aficionados, with whom we often empathise via a…

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Finally…a legitimate winter cod

I drafted this post in late winter but for some reason didn’t get around to posting it. Anyway, thanks for reading 🙂 ___ It’s always good when a plan comes together. Over the last year or so, I’ve been lucky to tangle with three sizeable Murray Cod (and a few slightly smaller, but very satisfying ones). Big cod are undoubtedly…

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The best fishing spots in and around Canberra

Canberra anglers are blessed with access to a variety of environments, target species and fishing opportunities. When assessing the best fishing spots around Canberra, the most important consideration is the species you want to target and the technique you want to employ. There are some spots in which you can target multiple species, but generally, the species you want to…

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