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A day chasing cod.

It was going to be a “late” start, we both wanted half an hours more sleep. I set the alarm for 3.30am. Despite the extra sleep, it was still a rude shock when the alarm went off. Coffee was brewed and I walked outside and hopped in the car. It was time to chase cod. A two and a half…

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Making do. Urban carping

I haven’t had much fishing time over the last few weeks which has seen me “making do”. Being a fly bum, living in the centre of Melbourne can mean options close to home are limited. In my case its pretty much carp or bust. Urban carp are a gift from heaven for the city bound fly bum. They tick all…

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Hook and leader avoidance: how to fool educated fish.

What the carp hole carp can teach us about fishing for educated fish In two years fishing the carp hole I discussed some of the lessons I’ve learnt fly fishing the same same spot for carp over an extended period of time. In this post I’d like to delve a little deeper into some practical lessons that have come out…

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Graham (and Lee) join the paper

Flick and Fly journal is proud to announce that Graz has gotten himself a gig with the Canberra times (syndicated in the Narooma news and Rob Paxevanos’ blog) writing the Canberra region fishing reports. We are also proud to announce that Lee has gotten himself the gig as the bench writer for the column, filling in for Graz and Anthony…

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Sometimes you’ve gotta break the rules…

With spring in the air and some more stable weather my local creek has finally cleared up and I can sight-fish for carp again. Afternoon dog walks now often involve me wandering the 2 or 3 km to my favourite carp hole rather than to the dog park, which brings lots of strange looks from commuters as I wander through…

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