Bonefish on lures – the addiction begins

If you’d asked me 6 months ago what I knew about bonefish, I could probably tell you about this much: 1) They live in tropical places. 2) They live on vast sandy tidal flats which are impossibly white. 3) Rich white men pay a lot of money to fly to tropical places with vast sandy tidal flats which are impossibly…

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Fishing stories, Fly & Tenkara

Aitutaki Bonefish blues

Note: disaster struck once arriving back in Oz. A computer crash somehow managed to delete the 300 or so fishing shots I had from Aitutaki. So, this post, which was going to be fish pic heavy is now filled with “lifestyle” pics instead. Sorry  We arrived on Aitutaki on a Sunday. Aitutaki is a pretty religious island and on Sundays…

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