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Fishing on Little Pine Lagoon, and observations on observation

I was reading some Gierarch the other day and he was describing his approach to writing. After getting home from a fishing trip, he’ll often wait a few weeks before reflecting on the experience. The story—if there is one at all—should naturally bubble to the surface. It might be a story about the fishing, but it might be something else…

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Some tips for fishing streamers in small streams

Its that time of year again. The leaves are turning brown, orange, yellow and every colour in-between, the water is cooling down, the fish are not looking up as regularly and I’m dusting off my streamer box. Autumn isn’t just pretty, it is a great time to throw some meat around. While people generally associate streamer fishing with larger waterways…

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Is the social acceptability of recreational fishing being eroded?

Recreational fishing remains a popular pastime the world over. One of the great things about recreational fishing is its accessibility; you don’t need much gear, there are lots of places to do it, and it can appeal to a wide range of skill levels. But recent surveys have shown that participation rates in recreational fishing are decreasing. Current estimates are…

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The best online fishing tackle stores

Writing an article like this is sure to attract some criticism, as personal preference is inherently subjective. Added to this, no one wants bad press, so it’s important to be fairly balanced and look at the pros and cons of the multitude of options available to us when spending our hard-earned online. Each online fishing tackle outlet has it’s own…

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A deeper look at “wild” places (and is stocking threatened native fish outside their range a good idea?)

  By complete coincidence, me and Graz unknowingly both wrote drafts about a similar topic. You can read Graz’s piece about the “Natural trout stream paradox” here. This piece touches on similar topics, however its not about trout and takes a far broader brush to the issue (and is way longer- if you want punchy read Graz’s piece). Conservation strategies,…

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