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The best online fishing tackle stores

Writing an article like this is sure to attract some criticism, as personal preference is inherently subjective. Added to this, no one wants bad press, so it’s important to be fairly balanced and look at the pros and cons of the multitude of options available to us when spending our hard-earned online. Each online fishing tackle outlet has it’s own…

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Iki jime aka spiking a good online guide… Humanely killing your catch

Good video and explanation of iki jime or spiking fish… As covered in how to kill and care for your catch post, the most humane method to dispatch fish… Great thing about the website is it has photos of where the fishes brain is located in different commonly caught salt and freshwater species, so no excuses 🙂 start spiking, your…

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Commonwealth marine parks and recreational fishing

We’ll there has been a lot of talk about the new commonwealth marine parks. So I thought I’d post the maps. In terms of impacts of recreational fishing, they are likely to be pretty minor. From what I can gather, recreational fishing is allowed in all bar the green areas on the maps, all other colours look like recreational fishing…

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The basics: Knife selection, knife care, filleting and cleaning your catch.

Following on from how to kill your catch, the next episode of fishing basics series is going to cover filleting and cleaning your catch. First off I’ll cover knives, then knife care and finally actually filleting and cleaning your catch. Knives A little bit of knowledge about the styles of knives and knife selection, while not necessary is good background…

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We are now also on facebook So if your interested follow us on facebook. We will use the facebook page to link to all our articles as well as to give smaller updates on what we are up to and what we are catching where, be it in the Northern Territory or on the South Coast. Good luck over…

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