It’s good to be back!

Our last post was back in 2018, nearly four years ago to the day, and a lot has happened since then. The authors of this site now have 6 new humans to look after, much of Australia has been ravaged by fire and floods, and collectively we have faced an unprecedented pandemic in the form of Covid-19. Also this blog…

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It’s the vibe of the thing – Bream on vibes

One of the most famous scenes from the classic Australian movie ‘the Castle’ is the courtroom scene. A small town lawyer tries to stop an aussie family’s house from being re-possessed by the nearby airport. He constructs his case around ‘the vibe of the thing’ and a tenuous link to Mabo (a famous native land title case for indigenous Australians).…

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Freshwater, Trout

Exploring new waters – Blue Mountains NSW; making a date with trails and trophy trout

Lured by the Ultra-Trail Running festival I’ve spent a couple of recent weekends poking around the trails (and the waterways) of the blue mountains of NSW.  Between leg-debilitating runs there has been some time to explore the local rivers and dams dotted around this amazing landscape. Thompsons Creek Dam – clear water and trophy trout If there is one thing…

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