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Smelty John: A Story of First Times, Complete with Happy Ending

Like Hamish and Lee before me, I’ve come down with a bad case of the fly fishing bug that’s been doing the rounds recently. For me it started out as one of those strange obsessive internet journeys that I suppose is unique to the current generation in which I’d devoured every blog devoted to the sport, had watched countless Youtube…

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Kayak fishing for Mulloway

In recent years the phenomenon of Kayak fishing has hit Australia like a GT all over a roosta popper. Everywhere from the pristine, quiet alpine lakes of New South Wales, Tasmania and Victoria to the open blue water around our coastlines, kayaks are becoming a viable option for almost every kind of fishing imaginable. Some are drawn to the sport…

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Breaking the trout drought

From ribbon thread to storming stream, The anglers chase throughout, The noblest fish the river width, A shining rainbow trout. I’ve always had an affinity with trout. I’m from the mountains, they’re from the mountains. I like swimming in clear, rocky, icy streams; trout like swimming in clear, rocky, icy streams. I like to sit in the shallows at the…

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Catching over fishing: manifesto of a fishing girlfriend

I can’t stand fishing. I know the proponents might find it relaxing or stimulating or something but not me. After about 2 months of being dragged around by my boyfriend to likely ‘hot spots’ and dragged upstream by likely branches that my hook invariably got caught in, I had made up my mind. Fishing is to walking, as yoga is to napping – a good way to ruin it. However,…

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