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Hitting the ‘bong

It’s the dry season. The tidal rivers have shut down due to low water temps and the blue water is subject to the relentless south easterlies that blow hard enough to wash mud crabs up the beach. The billabongs are one of the only options left and luckily we have plenty to choose from. Hitting the ‘bongs is a seasonal…

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Fishing stories

Boat Reveiw – Schmetterling

Our boat is called Schmetterling, that’s German for ‘Butterfly’. She sneaks around the Katherine River putting her passengers onto oversized Catties regularly. Call them Powertails, Silver Cobbler, whatever, these powerful fish inhale deep divers and hit like a log with a tail. Schmetterling knows where to find them and how to avoid Barra. The tinny was a present for my partner, Lena. I found…

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Trolling for Whiting – with poppers!

Trolling tiny poppers behind a noisy two stroke doesn’t work. It’s all about stealth, long casts and delicate presentation. Did I mention you need the latest in Japanese lure tech? Don’t be shy, $30 is nothing to spend on a 3 gram piece of plastic… That was my mindset when my nephew George lobbed a $2 popper out the back of…

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Spacky Placky

Not many plackys can hold up to the rigors of multiple hits from toothy critters, hence the ‘soft plastic’ title. Give a ‘squidgy’ a tradies favourite though – the old Dunlop Volley – and they certainly redeem themselves. I’d go as far to call this guy a hard, mean placky with shoe eating capabilities! This is the result of my usual unpacking routine…

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