It’s good to be back!

Our last post was back in 2018, nearly four years ago to the day, and a lot has happened since then. The authors of this site now have 6 new humans to look after, much of Australia has been ravaged by fire and floods, and collectively we have faced an unprecedented pandemic in the form of Covid-19. Also this blog fell into a state of disrepair.

At times the simple act of fishing has seemed like a distant memory, a luxury, and now something that you do between major rainfall and flood events. Life has changed but fishing remains the glue that keeps us connected to the environment, to weather and climate patterns and to each other.

As we work hard to clean up the older content on this site we will endeavor to do what we have always done; write about lure and fly fishing, about what we have learnt to help you catch more fish, about our adventures in fresh and saltwater, share cool photos and even cooler gear, and promote a conservation mindset for the next generation of keen anglers (I suspect there will be at least 6 in the coming years …)

Fish on!

My happy place – getting out on the water after a Covid lockdown

2 thoughts on “It’s good to be back!

  1. Thanks, Graz, for your stellar efforts in resurrecting the blog! Welcome back everyone and anyone. Looking forward to reading a few old posts myself, and maybe even writing some new content one of these days.

  2. Great that you guys are writing again. Look forward to hearing about your fantastic fishing adventures.

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