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Bidgee Cod on surface lures – video

We were lucky enough to sneak in a Murray Cod session just before Christmas. Lee, Curto and I made our way down to the Murrumbidgee River armed with half a dozen spinnerbaits and crankbaits.  But it was the prospect of throwing the big surface lures in the bottom of the tackle box that had us really excited. The 110mm jointed…

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The best online fishing tackle stores

Writing an article like this is sure to attract some criticism, as personal preference is inherently subjective. Added to this, no one wants bad press, so it’s important to be fairly balanced and look at the pros and cons of the multitude of options available to us when spending our hard-earned online. Each online fishing tackle outlet has it’s own…

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Totally addicted to bass

I need to start this post by admitting that until last Friday, I’d never caught an Australian bass. I’ve only had two sessions previously and came up blank both times. After a cracking little weekend at the south coast with Graz, I’m regretting all those times I’ve driven straight over bass rivers en route to the ‘greener’ pastures of the…

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