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Red rock cod, ocean perch and leatherjacket – the neglected reefies

It’s common when we’re fishing inshore to get fixated on so called ‘desirable’ species; the sand/tiger flathead and snapper, and to a lesser extent, redfish (nannygai) and blue morwong. However, a number of the other species we wind up from the depths seem to be neglected by anglers, either because they are perceived as rubbish fish or are seen to…

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Will there be an evening rise? Listen to the birds.

I was talking to Brett recently and he made an interesting observation. If you want to know if there is going to be a good evening rise, listen to the birds. Brett lives out in Creswick, meaning he is lucky enough to live close to some of Victorias best trout lakes. Hepburn, Newlynns, Deans. Great Victorian trout fisheries. It also…

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A day chasing cod.

It was going to be a “late” start, we both wanted half an hours more sleep. I set the alarm for 3.30am. Despite the extra sleep, it was still a rude shock when the alarm went off. Coffee was brewed and I walked outside and hopped in the car. It was time to chase cod. A two and a half…

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Should you fish the Eucumbene spawn run?

Fishing the Eucumbene spawn run is a pretty controversial topic amongst some. Its referred to disparagingly as “unsporting”, “shooting fish in a barrel”, “not fly fishing” and “disrespectful”. Fair enough I suppose, chucking around a couple of glo bugs and four split shot isn’t everyones cup of tea. For the rest of us though, should we be fishing the run…

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Secret creek

It’s great when a hunch, some anecdotal evidence and a bit of research pay off: I recently found a ‘secret creek’. I’m not really sure what makes it secret; perhaps the reason that no one has heard of it, there is no evidence anyone fishes it, and that there is very little evidence that it would contain trout. It’s situated…

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How to become a better fisherman: learn to fail.

The biggest factor in me becoming a better angler over the last three years has been learning to fail. When I started fly fishing three years ago I sucked. I could barely casts 30ft, I spent most of my time with my flies tangled in trees and stream-side vegetation. Generally it was a disaster for the first few months. If…

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