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There is something fishy about bananas

If there is one food item that is despised by anglers all over Australia, it is bananas.  Ask anyone about on-board catering for a day of fishing and the response is generally fairly relaxed, sandwiches, chips, chocolate – no worries, but definitely no bananas! Historically, there are several reasons why bananas have been associated with bad luck on boats.  Firstly,…

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Fly & Tenkara, Freshwater, Trout

Simple flies: palmered hackle flies

Sometimes you don’t need much to make a deadly fly. Simple patterns catch fish. Some of the simplest flies (at least in theory) are palmered hackle flies. Whether they are fished dry or wet, on a dead drift or stripped, palmered hackle flies work. These flies have been around since the inception of fly fishing. Charles Cotton and Izaac Walton…

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