Lessons learned from a lost Leviathan

The classic fishing story is, of course, the one where the angler stretches out both arms and says “it was THIS big!” In 2014, it is typically followed by a digital photo presented on a phone.  Tales about the ‘one that got away’ can be equally dramatic, although they rarely have photos to accompany them. While disappointing, losing a big…

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DIY – Kayak wall mounted racks

Fishing kayaks are great.  They are light, relatively easy to throw on the roof of the car and open up vast areas of Australia that are impossible to get a trailer boat into.  Finding somewhere to store them however, can be a great big pain in the backside. Ranging from 3 to 5 metres long, it is surprising just how…

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Stuff we've learnt

Who or what is Iki jime? A quick and humane way to dispatch fish

Have you been into a Japanese restaurant and noticed the incredible attention to detail that goes into each dish? Perfect bite-sized sushi rolls filled with vegetables and salmon. Small rectangles of rice with a piece of raw tuna delicately draped on top.  This level of attention and care extends well beyond the presentation however.  It includes how the fish is…

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