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Catching and cooking a carp – part II

  In the first part of this crazy carp adventure, I looked at where to catch an ‘eating carp’ around Canberra.  The word on various fishing forums and social media was that they taste better with less of a muddy taste from flowing rivers  than from lakes.  If I was going to embark on this mission, I wanted to make sure the fish…

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Trout fishing on the Monaro

Fishing can sometimes bestow insights beyond that which you might expect and experience in day-to-day life. Whether it’s squatting on a pier in South Australia, talking to an 80 year old Chinese man fishing for squid, trading secrets with the local 15 year-old bream-gun or asking a bunch of buffed-up, coke-fuelled criminals ‘whatdyagetemon?’, it truly is a diverse and universal…

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Fishing stories

“The rock”

Somewhere on the far south coast lies a rock. More accurately, a headland. It stands and presides over a long white beach, it is regularly lashed by wild winds and waves that roll in from the southern ocean. On the other side of the rock a small south coast estuary trickles out into the vast pacific ocean. To most people,…

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Fly & Tenkara

Roosters are really annoying

So, I’ve been thinking about ‘helping’ some people with their rooster problem. If you’ve ever had chickens, or received some young ones from unscrupulous sources, you may be familiar with the realisation – at around 4.30am – that what you have bought or been given are not chickens at all, but in fact roosters. It’s a difficult decision: do you…

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