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Cod on fly- the addiction begins

After following guy like Nick Kiepp from, Virty from Kaos cod flies, Ben from Hohnke hooks and Aussie fly fisher on various social media and being inspired by their cod on fly exploits, I finally jumped in and gave it a go. I’ve now had three afternoons happily chasing cod with the wand. The first attempt with Graz (who was fishing conventionally) wasn’t all that successful, but spending an afternoon fishing a gorgeous gorge for big bruising apex predators and the anticipation every strip brings made for a fun afternoon. Despite the lack of success I was well on the way to being hooked.

Gorgeous gorge country. Even when you aren't catching fish its still pretty special
Gorgeous gorge country. Even when you aren’t catching fish its still pretty special


Graz with a nice little golden
Graz with a nice little golden

A week later we gave it another shot and this time Lee joined us. Once again, stunning scenery, anticipation and made for a wonderful afternoon on the river. This time we had a bit more success, Graz landed a nice little Golden on a spinnerbait and midway through the afternoon I also had some “success”. At the head of a pool, I cast my fly into a deep eddie at the front of a large rock. The fly I was fishing sunk slowly, after it was a foot down I gave it a short sharp strip, waited a few seconds, then stripped again. After the second strip a big green fish darted out from the depths and smashed my fly, a big boil of water erupted and I was connected to a decent cod (somewhere in the 60+ cm range). The power of that first hit and run as it tried to get back to safety was exhilarating. After a short torrid battle of maybe 3 seconds the fish threw the hook, leaving me shaking with excitement. Clear water meant I had been lucky enough to see the fish rush up from the depths and inhale my fly and that moment was immediately etched into memory, to be relived at will for a long time to come. While I would have loved to have landed that beautiful fish, this early in my murray cod on fly journey, just hooking one was more than enough. The experience was a little microcosm of the rush fishing brings any angler, pure adrenalin, joy and excitement distilled into three long yet impossible short seconds. Moments like that are what makes fishing so special, so addictive. It early days, but I think its safe to say I’m hooked.



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