Poor Man’s Quad #1 Finished!

I finally got around to finishing my first PMQ (poor man’s quad). We’ve done a few earlier posts on the building process, so I just wanted to share a few quick lessons learnt from the process. 1. Use quality bamboo (Tonkin cane). If you’re going to invest the time and effort, you might as well use decent materials. I started…

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Fishing the great south-east corner: Tamboon, Mallacoota and Wonboyn

Australia truly is an amazing place. You can drive three hours from the nation’s capital and feel like you’ve found true isolation. Windswept coastlines, pristine wilderness and abundant wildlife are just some of the reasons I keep fishing in this part of the world. I was recently lucky enough to spend three nights camping between Tamboon Inlet and Wonboyn Lake.…

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Rubber legs and tails on dry flies

Rubber legs are a staple of bigger dry fly patterns such as hoppers and cicada patterns as well as becoming increasingly common on nymph patterns (e.g Manic Tackles wonderful rubber legged nymphs). However, they are far less common on smaller more traditional fly patterns. There are a few, mainly balloon caddis or elk hair caddis variants (e.g mini hoppers, yakcaddis…

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Australian Fishing Basics by Rob Paxevanos: Book review

Writing a book that covers the basics of fishing in Australia is not an enviable task.  In case you haven’t noticed, Australia is big.  Really big.  And incredibly diverse.  Australian fisheries range from trout in sub-alpine lakes in Tasmania to the tropical sauna that is the northern territory Barramundi fishery.  But this hasn’t stopped fishing writer, TV presenter and local…

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