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The poor mans quad project… Part 1.

Where two rank amateurs (foolishly?) decide they can build their own bamboo rods

The "poor mans quad project" doing what they love...
The “poor mans quad project” doing what they love…

I think in tangents. A seemingly simply distraction, a stray thought and suddenly I am away- some new idea has formed and I am off and running in often surprising directions, often 180 degrees from where I just was. While this can make me a frustrating man to argue with, it does have its benefits. It was one of these tangents that spawned the poor mans quad project. I’m not sure exactly what it was that triggered the thought, seeing PMQ on a forum or video or something else, but I remember googling PMQ to see what it stood for and then just moments later after the thought  “I can do that” had popped into my head for a few seconds, I was suddenly going to build one. Thats how it started… The idea seemed to stick. A few weeks later I mentioned it to Lee, who to my surprise was keen as mustard- we were away, the poor mans quad project was born. Two rank amateurs, with next to no rod building experience, suddenly embarking on building a couple of cane rods. What could go wrong 😉

The next step was sourcing some tonkin cane of rod building quality. The initial google searches for “tonkin cane” didn’t produce much, so it was onto plan b. See if a professional rod builder would sell us any of their stock. So I searched for bamboo rod builders in Australia and found Nick Taransky of N.A Taransky bamboo rods and emailed him to see if he would be nice enough to sell us a culm. Nick is based close to Canberra, so the hope was that he would also give us a hint or two. Lucky for us Nick is a lovely guy, who not only offered to sell us some bamboo, but to take us through a few of the basics in his workshop, which for us, will be hugely important in helping us turn out functional fly rods by the end of the project (more on Nick and his operation in later posts). Lets face it, we probably got pretty lucky.

Over the coming months (or years), we will take you through the process of building your own bamboo fly rod. We are woefully under-prepared and have a lot of reading to do- which taper to pick, which tools we need which we dont have and all the rest of it, but the project has begun and at the very least, its going to be a lot of fun. This series will either end up being a pretty decent beginners guide to whats involved or an absolute cracker of a what not to do series… Wish us luck and if you have any advice send it our way. We will need it…


Hamish (and Lee) aka The poor mans quad project.

For more, read Part 2, part 3 and the end product!

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