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Beginners mistakes: fantasy tying….

I am sure its a stage many new fly tiers go through… The imagination runs wild, new fantastical, weird, ugly and downright strange patterns fly off the vice one after the other. No two flies alike, the unconstrained imagination of the newly minted artist, excited at the world of possibilities now open to them. As time goes by, this revelry…

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Fishing stories, Fly & Tenkara

Tweed weekender

It was Nicks 30th not long ago. To celebrate last weekend a few of us headed out into the country to his families property in the Southern highlands. The objective was simple. Eat well, drink well, play board games and do a little bit of fishing on the side. Its a long drive from Melbourne so we had to make…

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A cook on the wild side

As a fishing tourist, you don’t usually have the luxury of the creature comforts you are accustomed to back home. For example, having flown over to NZ recently to harass the resident populations of monster trout, I had no chilly bin <ahem> esky, no cutlery, and no pots and pans. Keeping and cooking fresh fish was going to be a…

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