App review – Flylife flies

Just a quick post to review a free app, ‘Flylife Flies’. Released by the well-respected flylife magazine group, the app is available for free download through the app store.

I downloaded the app expecting fly tying recipes, but the app is basically a game where you have to name the fly that appears on the screen. Despite being a bit of a fly fishing amateur, I still managed to get most of them, so I must be learning something.

Worth a look if you’re interested in improving your knowledge of saltwater and freshwater flies. The app automatically downloads your correctly answered flies to your image gallery, which will provide a useful reference when you’re at the bench.

One annoyance is that you have to shake your phone to reset the game. I hate shaking my phone…it’s lame.

It’s a simple app, but fun for a while. I give it 2 and a half (out of 5) wooly buggers.

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