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Tackle review: the buff (sun smart face mask)


What can I say. I am a pale excitable white guy prone to sunburn and also to forgetting to put on sunscreen regularly enough when the fishing is good… Its not an ideal combination and I’ve been searching for a decent solution for a while. I’ve tried the Arabic head scarf- which is pretty good, but somewhat bulky and prone to getting in the way at times. To try and solve my sunburn issue, I’ve recently bought a buff.DSC_0941

Looking good
Looking good

I’ll start with the cons which are mainly fashion related. I looked a little bit like a psycho, especially given I bought the camo version which my girlfriend has dubbed the psycho face mask… I was fishing Wonboyn last time I was in Eden, polaroids on, buff covering the rest of my face and managed to scare the **** out of a few people who jumped back in surprise as I rounded a corner walking out to the rocks. So if you are sensitive of people potentially being scared of you, it probably isn’t the best option. Needless to say it doesn’t win any awards on the fashion or not looking creepy fronts. However, it does do what it is supposed to do well. Its keeps the sun off my face in an easy practical manner, wet it and it keeps me cool. So it works. The buff combined with a long shirt and I’ve been finding a full day in the sun is far less draining than it used to be, which means more fishing, which is a huge positive…

The buff also doubles as a decent disguise...
The buff also doubles as a decent disguise…

So in review, if you don’t want to look creepy a buff probably isn’t for you. If you want to keep the sun off and don’t mind looking a little silly/creepy on the water its a great piece of kit that might be worth grabbing.



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