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Northern adventures: run off trip is set to go for 2013, March 28th -April 7th

There isn't much better than this
There isn’t much better than this

Last year, the blog got together and made the trek to the the Daly river to fish the run off. This year we are doing it all again- this time bigger and better. Last year we launched on the Daly and travelled down to the river mouth and up the coast a bit. This year we area adding some (extra) adventure to the trip (hopefully we have learned something from a few of the more exciting moments of the last trip). Instead of launching on the Daly, the plan is to launch at Dundee beach and make the 100k trip to the Daly river, fishing some of the coastal feeder creeks on the way. We might also spend a day or two on the Finniss, maybe fish around the Perron islands and who knows what else. Whatever happens, it should make for an exciting trip. Five men, two boats and multiple days on the water without touching land = paradise. We also have a better idea of what we need to bring, how much of everything we will go through and all the rest, so hopefully we will be a little more organised this time around- one thing I am (almost) sure of, we will smash the barra on fly statistic from last year :).

Dear XXXX, please sponsor us ;)
Dear XXXX, please sponsor us 😉

Cant wait to be up there, XXXX in one hand, fly rod (or baitcaster) in the other, fishing all day and generally just lapping up all the good things the NT has to offer….

Probably not everyones idea of paradise
Probably not everyones idea of paradise

So stay tuned for loads of NT content in a couple of months. Hopefully this time we finally get our act together and do a bit more filming and can put together a few little clips.

If you see this handsome man on the water over easter come over and say hi
If you see this handsome man on the water over easter come over and say hi


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