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Should we change the name?

This was written about a year ago by Hamish and Lee going back and forth using the blog like facebook messenger. It was meant to just be read by the other writers of the blog… However, reading it again its pretty funny (we think) and our name, while it looks like its hear to stay, IS far to restrictive to cover the content we now have. So maybe one day we will actually change the name, but I don’t think its going to happen anytime soon 🙂

Among the writers of this blog there has been vigorous debate over the last month as to whether we should change the name… The case for is that the locational specificity of the name doesn’t really reflect the blog, most of the posts are much broader than just the south east and have applicability everywhere, plus we have posts from all round the country as well as China, New Zealand and I’m sure more to come… The case against is that we already have a name and a $17-per-year-dot-com.

Anyway for a bit of fun, here are some of the names we have been toying with and the direction those names may entail us taking the blog…

“Beers, broads and barra” With more of a bogan slant than we have now e.g.

We got into Cairns late and immediately hit the titty bars. It was one hell of a night, Hamish and Dan got kicked out after pissing on the stripper pole (WIKID) and Lee got beaten up by a bouncer. F**$%$G HILARIOUS! Anyway, we arose a little dusty in the morning so started downing a couple of slabs. TINNIES!!!! We then hit the water… Graz got wasted and dropped his camera over the side of the boat, then proceeded to berley up the fish with a few frothy bacon and cheese rolls! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA LULZ and we caught some fish… Here are some pictures of BOOBS!

“The seven thousand habits of the moderately successful angler” e.g.

When trying to accidentally catch trout on the back cast while fishing, the trick is to get a little confused so your fly touches down momentarily. Then simply continue your cast and hurl the poor unsuspecting trout 10ft in the air. Perfect! [Note: this actually happened. This is how I “hooked” my first trout on fly]

“A bad day fishing is better than a day at work” Given how much fishing writers love cliches, we would focus on putting even more cliches into each of our posts! It would be amazing e.g

We hit the water early, the fish were thick, it was like shooting fish in a barrel. Lee kept losing fish after fish, thankfully on this day there were plenty more fish in the sea, in any case thats why they call it fishing not catching. Suddenly the action stopped, something smelt a bit fishy and we didn’t catch anymore fish, but hey a bad days fishing is better than a good day at work. We cooked the fish we had kept from the earlier mayhem for dinner, you know what they say, give a man a fish he eats for a day, teach a man to fish and he eats for a lifetime.

“In remembrance of lost fish” taking a proustian angle to fishing journalism

Every fisher, as he fishes, is actually the fisher of himself. The fisher’s work is only a kind of optical instrument he provides the fish so he can discern what he might never have seen in himself without this fishing experience. The fisher’s recognition in himself of what the fishing says is the proof of the fish’s truth… *continue for at least 100,000 words each post [Note: huge apologies to Proust]

“iFish” a play on the iPod, iPad etc… oh wait, i think someone has already used that… Scratch that idea

“Catch 22” Such a good book!

“active angler” BORING, its like a name that we could actually use!

“piscatorial philosophies” e.g.

To paraphrase Edgar Alan Poe, experience has shown, and a true philosophical fisherman will always show, that a vast, perhaps the larger portion of the truth, arises from the seemingly irrelevant.

“Fishosophy” pretty much what we do now…. BORING, we could actually use it

“The fishing blog” oh no wait, that will set us back $1475…

“Sexy naked fishing chicks XXX” this would get us a billion hits, but we might start getting a bit of hate mail from angry teenagers expecting to see some hotties, as opposed to some smelly blokes covered in fish guts…

‘The catching blog’ This makes us sound like awesome gun anglers who always catch fish. Hey maybe that could work! haha

‘Catching versus fishing: Manifesto of four fishing addicts’ This is a play on one of Lee’s fiances (Rachel’s) fishing articles (this sentence makes Lee sound like he’s got more than one fiance!). It’s a little long winded and I can’t imagine trying to tell someone down the pub the full title. ‘It’s a bloody fishing blog alright?’ is all I could come up with after the first attempt.

‘Jewfish sashimi’ this is an option based on the number of hits we get on certain keywords. It seems people are really interested in jewfish and sashimi, or maybe people who try to catch jewfish and eat sashimi are just really good at using the interwebs?

We came up with a few more options when sitting around on the Daly drinking rum. As such, some of them will never see the light of day, but here are a few:

‘Four Lazy Anglers’ I think most of us liked this name at the time, although in hindsight, it’s probably a bit cliche and doesn’t really encapsulate how much of the fishing we do actually is. We’re generally not very lazy at all, fishing hard for 14 hours a day followed by a few beers, sleep, then repeat!

‘Fish fishers’ I think this was a play on ‘fish fingers’, but it was probably more funny after a few bottles of liquor.

‘Fist full of fillet’ Now this has merit…. has potential…despite being recorded in the book as ‘’…nice one Hamish 🙂 haha

I think that in order to maintain the ‘integrity’ of the blog, the others will stay put in the little black book in which they were recorded…

Hope you enjoyed it. If one of the new name ideas gets a lot of support, we may have to start debating the merits of a name change again. 


Fishing in South East Australia…

*UPDATE* I suppose I should also add how we ended up with the name we have… Me and Lee were emailing each other about fishing while at work. Lee was talking about how he wanted to start writing about fishing and wondering how he could get his foot into the fishing writing establishment and start publishing articles in fishing magazines. So to get him started I quickly made a blog, put absolutely no thought into the name and sent him the link and login details and told him to start writing… From there we started to get excited about the idea and decided to start a blog. Its been a lot of fun, so I’m glad I jokingly made the blog as a bit of extra effort banter. I just wish I had thought a little more about the name 🙂



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