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Sage abolone recipe

Next up in the blitz- abalone.

If you frequent the South coast of NSW or the Victorian and Tasmanian coastlines regularly odds are you have dived for abalone. They are easy enough to collect and clean and in many areas are plentiful. At times, on some camping trips, its easy to forget they are a delicacy, they can become a staple of your diet when the fishing is slow. Extravagances like abalone burgers are the result (the burger pattie is replaced with a well tenderised abalone, combined with some tomato, lettuce and mayo). On more normal occasions, it is best to treat them with the reverence such a delicacy deserve. Below is one of my favourite abalone recipes.

Ingredients: abalone, sage (3-4 leaves per abalone), butter, salt.

Slice the abalone thinly. Slice the sage. Get a pan hot, quickly melt the butter and then add the sage to the pan for a few seconds before adding the sliced abalone. Cook for 30 seconds to a minute, season with salt and serve.

Like a lot of my favourite recipes, there isn’t much to it. The sage pairs beautifully with abalone and there really isn’t any need to adulterate it further.



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