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Spacky Placky

Not many plackys can hold up to the rigors of multiple hits from toothy critters, hence the ‘soft plastic’ title. Give a ‘squidgy’ a tradies favourite though – the old Dunlop Volley – and they certainly redeem themselves. I’d go as far to call this guy a hard, mean placky with shoe eating capabilities!

Spacky placcy 1

This is the result of my usual unpacking routine after a fishin trip – throw it all in a big pile and don’t look at it again until the next trip. When it’s time to hit the water again, or in this case the nightclubs of Darwin, I will inevitably be cursing myself as I sort through the disarray in search of that crucial item that’s gone missing.

Shoes are redundant in North Australia and my only pair of ‘proper’ shoes (somehow double plugger dragon thongs don’t rate in the big smoke) can sit in the pile of all things fun for months without seeing the light of day.

On this occasion my shoe found itself perched on top of this white plastic. The results are impressive. The lure was the clear winner as it has turned the shoe to slime and left its trademark imprint as a memento. I now like these shoes even more, and they have become too special for the streets!

spacky placcy

The lure is still ready to fish with, just as soon as I wipe of the black goo, and there’s a good chance I will be throwing down the jaws of a black bream or barra this afternoon. Not so tough now…


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