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Video Post – Winter fishing on the Clyde River

I’ve been a bit quiet over the last few weeks.  Firstly, I haven’t been fishing much.  Yes I know that’s a criminal offense.  And secondly when I did get a day off to wet a line I decided to take a couple of cameras with me.  Since then I’ve had my head buried in video editing software, but more on that in a second.  This was my first serious attempt at getting some footage while fishing and not one to do things by halves, was also my first time trying to film from a Hobie kayak.  It was all inspired by Lee’s filming of our mid winter Murray Cod session (some great footage, not a fish to be seen!) and also our friends at Josh & Jamie fishing who are setting the bar for quality fishing and amazing scenery.

A few weeks ago, in the depths of winter, I got up at dawn, scraped the frost off the car, loaded up the kayak, electronics and the fishing gear and took off for the Clyde River.

Dan’s last post from the top end highlights the amazing things you can see just being near the water.  I’d like to go one step further and suggest the journey should be part of the fishing experience too.  The drive from Braidwood to Batemans Bay is one of the most spectacular drives in South East Australia (NRMA rates it as one of the top 100 drives in the country).  Perhaps if Canberrans extracted their head from the car in front and looked around, they might work this out too 🙂

<step off soap box>

Despite driving over it countless times, I had never fished the section of the Clyde River between Nelligen and Batemans Bay.  With this in mind, I am quite happy with both the fishing and the footage.  As you will see there is an element of gymnastics involved when fishing from a kayak and of course, the ever present threat of dropping something valuable into the water.  The other big challenge is talking to the camera, which is a bit intimidating at the best of times, and especially when you’re sitting by yourself in the middle of an estuary …

57cm dusky: A nice reward for a change in strategy

When I got home with about an hour of footage I quickly realised that I absolutely no idea how to turn these long and sometimes dull clips into something that would interest even a die hard fishing fanatic.  So what followed was an incredibly steep learning curve in how to chop, fade and edit the footage into something that I was happy with.  After a brief and infuriating play with Microsoft Movie Maker I decided to take a quick roam around youtube to research an alternative.  I settled with a program called VideoPad.  After a 30 day trial I was hooked (pun intended) and forked out a few bucks to keep using the program.  It is very intuitive and easy to pick up (but not perfect by any means!).  For the price I’d say you get what you pay for.

Now it might not look like much, but there are some serious hours in getting videos even to this stage – hence I haven’t been fishing much since!  So next time you are about to criticise a video that someone had the balls to make public, spare a thought for the poor fisherman who was sitting at their computer for countless hours rather than out there fishing – for this has to be the greatest sacrifice of all! (oops on my soap box again). Part of the delay in posting was because I decided to write and record the music and every intro ended up sounding suspiciously like the IFISH theme music.

So here it is, a day trip down to the Clyde River in the middle of winter chasing half metre plus flathead and Estuary Perch on soft plastics.  Turn it up and I hope you enjoy!

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PS The video might run better from the youtube website

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2 thoughts on “Video Post – Winter fishing on the Clyde River

  1. Well done on the footage! Fished the Clyde in Winter but didn’t do very well. Your blog/film has inspired me to give the Clyde another go. Would you be happy to share where you actually fished (drop off for flathead area mentioned) along the river? Hope to arrange a trip just after Xmas. Have passed your blog onto my fishing mates. Thank You

  2. Top video, and thanks for posting. Love the underwater shots of the softie in action and the fish on! How many cameras did you use? Thanks for the info on how much work goes in to the editing side as well. Helps me appreciate the you tube fishing videos I consume like popcorn! The Clyde is a beautiful river. I’m looking forward to a paddle and flick down there when I get my yak soon.

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