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DVD Review: “The Magic Hour”

Surface lure fishing for Murray Cod A chance encounter A few weeks ago I was away for work and found myself at a motel in a small town in Central West NSW.  It had been a really long day so I was pretty keen to rehydrate at the motel bar.  As I ordered a cold drink I started chatting with…

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Top End Adventures

Business Hours Barra

Getting home from work dirty and tired makes some solid couch time an enticing option but living and working near some splendid rivers means there’s usually a better offer. With the water cold and the barra bite slow at this time of the year I’ve held off on doing any big missions to that faraway hotspot. Squeezing in a cast…

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Commonwealth marine parks and recreational fishing

We’ll there has been a lot of talk about the new commonwealth marine parks. So I thought I’d post the maps. In terms of impacts of recreational fishing, they are likely to be pretty minor. From what I can gather, recreational fishing is allowed in all bar the green areas on the maps, all other colours look like recreational fishing…

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