Happy Easter 2012!

Hamish, Lee and I are returning south after 10 amazing days fishing in the Northern Territory with Dan and his brother Mitch. Whether it be the ‘run-off’ in the top end, or the seasonally warm waters along the southern coastlines, Easter is a great time to wet a line. On behalf of the crew at fishing in south east OZ, we wish you a belated happy Easter – I hope you managed to find a few fish over the break!

We have plenty of Barra adventures to report in the coming days, but until then I will reflect on one of our most popular posts: Killing and caring for your catch

Any living creature should get to live a decent life and if destined for the table, to be killed in a quick and humane way. Around Easter time, this is especially true.

Decapitation is a quick and humane way of dealing with your quarry




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