How to be a fishing photographer: FAIL edition

Well Steve Starling has a bunch of posts up (here and here) on how to take fishing photos, Lee also wrote a great guide. But lets face it, some of the best photos from any trip are the ones that don’t quite work out as planned…

Guess who just got spiked by a bream!
This photo has all the elements of a great shot: Happy angler, scenery, focus, impressive fish … FAIL
A minor fail: Chopping off the angler’s head
Hamish, Hamish, Hamish
It is not a bad photo, just that the subject looks like Bradd Hogg
When you take photos like this, best to pass them off as “experimenting with soft focus”
A beautiful bream taken on a surface popper….is what this photo was of. It always pays to check the settings on the camera before you start clicking away!

We hope this has given some insights as to what NOT to do.

We’re all off to the Daly River tomorrow to chase barra for a week…watch this space!

The boys at fishinginsoutheastaustralia

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