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Chasing barra: easter run off mission and blog contributor reunion 5th-15th of April

So, its official. Lee, Hamish and Graham are going to be joining Dan and his twin brother Mitch (pictured below) in the Northern Territory over easter. The plan is to live, sleep, eat on boats on the Daly river chasing big barra! Not only will this be a chance for us to be reunited but also a chance to chase one of Australia’s premier sportfish. We will also be spending a couple of days chasing Sailfish off Dundee beach. Pretty exciting stuff really.

At the moment we are in the planning part of the trip. Us southerners have never really chased barra before (I have caught one 65cm model as a kid on a fizzer on the Daly while volunteering on a turtle research project using borrowed gear), so we have all been trying to scrape together some viable outfits. Lee has gone the whole hog and bought himself a nice little baitcasting set up, a Calcutta 100 on a 6-8 kilo t-curve. Graham and myself are going to have to make do with eggbeater set ups in the same weight range spooled with 20 and 30lb line. The next step has been buying some lures. Mainly we have stuck with classics, gold bombers, B52s, barra classics, RMG poltergeists and the like as diving lures, as well as a selection of top water lures (fizzers, poppers, stickbaits and some zoom toads) and a bunch of assorted plastics. Hopefully they do the job 🙂 Next on the agenda is getting one of the others to buy and aeropress (hint hint) so that I can have real coffee on the water and don’t have to drink instant for a week and convincing the girlfriend sleeping on a tinny in croc infested waters is completely safe so she doesn’t worry about me.

Stay tuned for the bounty of posts and write ups that will flow from the trip… Hopefully these adventure style trips can become a more common thing for the blog, although to afford many more of them we may need some sort of sponsorship deal 😉 … Next up is potentially the tip of cape york, where my dad’s old fishing buddy who taught me and Lee a lot of what we know is moving in a couple of months. Sounds like a good excuse to organise another tropical fishing trip to me 🙂

4 thoughts on “Chasing barra: easter run off mission and blog contributor reunion 5th-15th of April

  1. Hi there,

    That sounds like a great trip in the planing.
    I love both, the Daly and Dundee!

    Can’t wait to read the report.

    Have a good day.

  2. Thanks! Its going to be fun being out of my fishing element for a while. Catching up with the boys will be an added bonus.


  3. It would be great to know who writes the articles (?) I love reding your blog and looking at the photosguys (and gals), have a great trip north.

    Lee’s Mum

  4. Thanks Mumsy! We’ll try to make sure we put our names at the bottom of posts.

    Love you 🙂


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