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Festive season fishing reports- to be updated over the holidays

Well, we won’t be putting up many proper posts over the holidays, however we will be posting fishing reports, fish we’ve caught and all the rest over the festive season. Hamish will be covering Eden and will be providing updates from next week till the first week of Jan. Lee will be covering Bermagui and Wallaga lake and will be covering the same period. Graz will be around Canberra and Sydney. Dan will be covering the NT. So if you want up to date fishing reports for the South Coast, Canberra and the NT keep coming back to check out this post. Hopefully we will be able to improve your summer fishing.

ACT trout streams: 2nd Jan

Happy new year!

In the week around christmas the local trout streams were fishing extremely well.  A mate and I picked up 11 good fish around the legal size limit but it could have easily been double that – one fish in the ‘big’ category (30-40cm) threw the hooks mid-air.  All fish were caught on spinners (Celtas / Veltics) while wading up the river.  Rainbows were seen stalking and taking dragonflies off the surface in a number of pools and would be amazing fun on fly!


North Aust: 28 December

A stint of days over 40 degrees has slowed the fishing in the Kimberley. Fish are still being caught but the sessions are hard work with plenty of casts in-between. Bait fishing is the way to go at this time of the year, not because it will catch more fish but because it will allow you to hold a cold drink and retreat to the shade while you wait for some action.

Some big mud crabs have been caught off Wyndham with one bloke reaching his bag limit of 10 after only lifting a couple of pots. We had a crack a few days ago but engine trouble meant we had to turn back crabless.

The rain that has missed northern WA has drenched the NT and the flooded culverts are producing small ‘swampy’ barra. Culverts can be very hit and miss with some packed full of bait while others are just a barren drain. The trick is to be at a culvert shortly after heavy rain has breached an upstream billabong. When this happen the bait seem to head upstream to access the floodplains while the barra roam around structure (such as culverts) in search of easy food.

With the new year on the way its a good time to check your fishing licence and boat licence etc is up to date. I was pulled up by WA Fisheries last week and as luck would have it my three year licence had expired only 2 wks ago. Thankfully the fisheries blokes were good to me and let it slide. Good luck on the water and happy new year!

Dan – Kununurra

Eden: 25th December

Estuaries (Wonboyn, Pambula, Merimblua) are fishing really well. Crazy surface bite with lots of whiting and bream on poppers in the mornings. Lots of flathead. Mullet are also on fire on fly. Find fish feeding on little insects on the surface and cast small insect imitations flies to them. Fish a cast mullet on fly without berley. Personally it doesn’t get much better.

On the ocean there are lots of flathead morwong and snapper about. The kings are their usual selves at this time of year. One day they will chew their heads off the next they wont touch a thing. Fishing should improve though, the water temp at Greencape has gone from 15 to 18 degrees since Tuesday, so the fishing should get a little more consistent. Happy Christmas!


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