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Fishing and fashion are not synonymous

The choice of what to wear when fishing is governed by numerous factors such as comfort, protection, safety, weather, breathability, practicality, quality and of course, style. Fishing fashion has come a long way in recent years, with all manner of gadgets and gimmicks to hook us in.

While a good post would probably look at these aspects in more detail, this particular post will show off some of the awesome style that the boys from Flick and Fly Journal have been sporting over the last few years. Hamish definitely takes the cake for this one; some of the things he comes up with would probably be more suited to a catwalk on Oxford street, but mostly the choice is governed by the factors described above. But it’s not just Hamish – we’re all guilty of throwing on some awesome rags at times, and it’s partly what makes time fishing with these guys so much fun. After all, you’re not going fishing to impress your mates with your sense of fashion, but rather to catch more fish than them and have a great time away from the subtle pressures of needing to wear clothes that don’t look stupid in your normal day to day lives.

Practicality is key when fishing

The photo above shows two suitably dressed fishermen acting like complete galahs. But at least they’re not cold and wet, and that’s the main thing. If they were cold and wet they’d never be having this much fun.

Dan playing the banjo

This above shot shows comfort and style, enhanced by the bluegrass Dan was playing.

Hamish cuddling his sea kitten

Ok so I realise the post has completely digressed from fishing fashion so let’s get back to it with the next few shots.

Hats are important when fishing, but seriously, Hamish, that’s not a fishing hat. Actually, this picture is wrong in so many ways. Look at the pants! I’m glad Hamish was wearing underwear. Add to that the sylin’ woolen jumper, servo sunnies and sunscreen half wiped in to Hamish’s scrawling goatee and you’ve definitely got a winning combination. 10 outta 10 for this one.
Comfort and good eyewear is key when fishing, as evidenced by this cracker of an outfit
Another great piece of practicality from Hamish. If you don’t have a hat, just wrap a tea towel around your head. The floral shorts really set this outfit off. One note of caution when wrapping towels around your head; some of the locals seem to get a bit nervous when they see you approaching from afar.
Terrorising whiting at Wonboyn. UPDATE: WE DO NOT SUPPORT ISIS
Gotta love the Hunter S Thompson look.
Another classic…pink shorts. You’ve gotta lull the fish into a false sense of security
gloves can be handy when you’re feeling precious and it’s getting cold 🙂
Deception is often better than camouflage…note the well placed greening australia logo
We all know that the Sun can be pretty fierce when on the water. Here dad demonstrates one of the many fashion statements that can be made that not only help deal with the sun but also look great.

I hope this post has shown you that fashion and fishing are not at all synonymous. But then again, I haven’t found any embarrassing photos of myself, so I’ll leave it up to the other guys to see what they can find!

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