Recipes, Stuff we've learnt, Think like a fish- fishing techniques

The basics: collecting, caring for and cleaning shellfish, cephalopods and crustaceans

Squid- Size limit NSW- Nil, Bag limit NSW- 20 in total (all species) First, catch squid. Fish over weed beds, using squid jigs, a slow lift and drop retrieve is usually the go, but more on squid fishing in later posts. So, now you’ve caught the squid, how do you kill it. Well its easy. There are three humane methods.…

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Stuff we've learnt, Think like a fish- fishing techniques

The basics: rigging and fishing with soft plastics

As part of ‘the basics’ series of posts, I thought it would be important to go through the fundamentals of rigging and fishing with soft plastics. It’s been such a huge revolution in fishing over the past decade or two, but there are many people who still lack confidence to experiment with this versatile and effective style of fishing. The…

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Fishing stories, Trout

The river less fished

A few weeks ago, Hamish reported on an unsuccessful trip that he and I made to the Cotter River chasing pan-sized rainbow trout. The section of the river we fished was just upstream from Vanity’s crossing. The spot is easily accessible to the general public and is also popular with 4WD enthusiasts, trail bike riders and of course fishermen. The…

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Fishing stories, Top End Adventures

Traffic Jam at Sail City

I figured it’s time for a trip report. Much of my time of late has been focused on Barra but last weekend I took advantage of a promising weather forecast and hit the big blue to a far off mark called ‘Sail City’. This trip nearly didn’t happen because my usual fishing buddies were unavailable and I wasn’t keen on…

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Beach, Estuary

Wallaga Lake fishing report, June 2011

Over the weekend, Graham ‘Graz-dog’ Fifield and I went down to Wallaga Lake, accompanied by our much better looking lady friends. On Friday we hooked up the boat and went out to see if we could muster up a few fish. It was a stunning afternoon, with a warm sun and not a breath of a breeze. We went straight…

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Fishing the Goodradigbee River – Autumn mission

On a recent autumn weekend I made the hour-long drive to the Goodradigbee River with good mate and keen angler Pat Sherley. After picking up some ales and rugging up with layers of clothing, we spent the picturesque drive through the mountains discussing how many big trout we were going to catch and what the best cooking techniques would be.…

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