Live blogging Eden… March 4-6th

Well our next serious trip is planned for early March… The plan will be to chase Kingfish off Mowarry and Greencape, as well as hitting up the local estuaries… My goals for the trip are to catch mullet on bread flies using a tenkara fly outfit and to crack the metre mark on the kings, preferably on a light plastics outfit… Stay tuned for pictures, stories and a couple of tasty recipes, including my attempt at Bar Lourinha’s (Melbourne) famous kingfish pancetta…

In the mean time, I’ll be trying to make it up to some of Victoria’s little trout streams and I’m sure Lee will be attempting to harass the local Yellowbelly and Cod populations in Canberra and Wallaga lakes prolific Bream and Flathead…


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2 thoughts on “Live blogging Eden… March 4-6th

  1. Sounds good Hamish. I guess you don’t get the Canberra Day holiday on the 14th March…you should try to get an extra day off. Due to my new 9-day fortnight (approved today!) I will also have the 11th March off too…that could be four 3.30am starts…

    Can’t wait to try some of the famed kingfish pancetta, and have a go with this new Japanese contraption of yours

    Wallaga Lake this weekend =)

    Will try to post some photos

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