A few photos to get us started….

Mowarry at dawn
The wonders of the EAC - this crab was plucked confidently out of Mogareeka Inlet, Tathra, named (carmel?), then eaten a few days later
Salmon in the surf...courtesy of Grazza who still tells stories about this awesome session at Haycock's Beach
A nice tailor from Wallaga Lake
An even nicer Wallaga Lake tailor. Good fun on bream gear
Carp on 4lb line, Yarralumla
Hamish holding the redfin out for the camera, making it look HUGE
Hamish hooked up to a big salmon off the rocks at Aragunnu
Check out this mini cod. It must have been a fingerling
A nice little Rainbow trout from a secret location on the Monaro...
A little chopper on a 20 gram's that for proof they work!
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