Thai fish cakesa great option for Tailor, Salmon or even Tuna

A cook on the wild sideGraz embraces his inner ‘bush-tucker man’ and cooks up a trout using wild or pilfered ingredients

Australian Salmon, Asian style –  Lee’s oriental treatment of a great aussie sport fish will change anyone’s opinion of its eating quality

Deep fried snapper, bream or morwongCooking these fish whole in a tangy spicy sauce ensures nothing will go to waste

Chilli crab in 10 easy steps – this might seem like a daunting recipe at first, but with Dan’s 10 easy to follow steps, nothing could be simpler

Grilled garfishA small delicate fish deserves a light touch

Crumbed Kingfish & chipsFit for a queen! Hamish’s take on a classic recipe

Kingfish beetroot gravlaxDon’t know what gravlax is? Why not find out!

Kingfish pancettaMaster chef Hamish attempts Bar Lourinha’s kingfish pancetta

Sashimi frightening to some, delicious for others, the Japanese dish of raw fish

Thai green fish curryAnother asian inspired creation from Lee


Garlic, chilli and white musselsOne of the most popular recipes of all time for freshly picked mussels

Sage abalone recipeSimple but effective for the king of crustacea


Cleaning and preparing your catch

How to kill and and care for your catch

Collecting, cleaning and caring for cephalopodsEverything you need to know about Squid, Octopus, Abalone, mussels, oysters and more

How to fillet a ‘normal’ shaped fish




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