Top End

Business Hour Barra: winter Barra on the Daly River, NT

Bare Sand Island: An explosion of awesome!Queenfish, fishing ladies and egg-laying turtles

Blood Barra and Boabs: A Great day in the Kimberly – Dan  & Mitch chase huge Barra on the Ord River, NT

Mother Teresa and the spirit of fishing – Dan gets philosophical about fishing on the East Alligator river

Traffic Jam at Sail CityFishing off the coast from Dundee Beach

Barra lessons in the top end – A recent arrival in the northern territory, Dan describes what he has learnt about catching Barramundi

An encounter with Sawfish – Dan takes a look at these bizarre creatures

Popping my metery cherry Guest writer Danny Saunder recalls his first metre-long Barramundi

Cros, high fives and hissesWrangling crocs & munched mullet, just another day in the top end

Chemical bromanceThey may be toxic as hell, but Thermocells provide a welcome relief from tropical mosquitoes


2013 The blog’s second run-off mission

One perfect dayAcres of Tuna, mackerel, Trevally and a Sailfish off Dundee Beach, NT

Dundee Boat Hireya saved us!

Cursed on the DalyTorrential rain, a rising river and floating trees.  Not the run-off mission we had planned


2012 Run-off mission

Video of Hamish’s meteryThe final exciting stages of Mish’s first metre-long Barramundi on the Daly river, NT

The ‘exciting’ moments of run-off 2012When living on a boat for five days there is always something to write home about

NT adventure – tables and stats – A fun look at what a multi-day boat trip in the territory involves

Daly report

South Alligator River Barra, frogs on the beer, and sandbars


2011 Run-off mission

Tales from the run-off Dan & Mitch chasing big barra in tiny creeks, on fly rods and with gear fished out of the river



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