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Hamish Webb, Dan Firth, Graham Fifield and Lee Georgeson have been fishing the south-east Australian region since 1987. Since then they’ve become avid sportfishermen who are constantly looking for new ways to challenge themselves. They are all scientists and conservationists who are passionate about the long-term sustainability of the ecosystem in which they live. They promote understanding and appreciation of the complex socio-political, economic and environmental issues surrounding fish, fishing and fisheries, while never losing sight of the various motivations that keep them coming back. In English, that means they love all things fishing and have a damn good time on the water, and that’s all that really counts in the end!

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Lee and Hamish with two big sea mullet

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    • May 3, 2011 at 9:05 am

      They are Sea or Bully mullet. Not sure you get them over west. They can grow to 8kg!!! when they get big they are very impressive fish. They are however legendarily hard to tempt most of the year when they hang out in the estuaries. Doable, but its really hit and miss and quite frustrating fishing. Worth the effort though, if you can get them biting, they are great to catch…

      In terms of eating quality, Sea run Bully mullet must be one of the most under-rated eating fish IMO. Brilliant on the BBQ and not as strongly flavoured as some of the other species or Bully mullet caught high up in the estuaries.



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